Pocket Page

Pocket Page is used to locate or send a message to specific personnel without broadcasting throughout the building.

Nurse Call

Nurse Call systems are used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and retirement homes. They can be as complex as tying into a wireless telephone system or very simple systems to simply alert staff with tones.


Intercoms come in various forms and are used to communicate between two or more locations. They can be combined with other devices like telephones and pagers to enhance operations and improve efficiency.


Select Sound Service offers an array of cameras, monitors and digital recorders designed specifically for surveillance and security applications.


Paging Systems are used to contact individuals, make announcements, signal shift changes, play background music and page specific areas.

Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement is used in auditoriums, churches, theaters, gyms and boardrooms to get lectures, music and speeches out to the audience with clarity and full-range sound reproduction.

Auditorium & Gymnasium Systems

Auditoriums, gyms and athletic fields need to get announcements, speeches, music or commentary to their audiences. We analyze these unique areas and provide sound equipment to cover the entire space.

Clock Systems & Signaling

Our clock systems are linked so your entire facility has the exact time. They are used for signaling start of work, work breaks, class changes and to keep consistent, synchronized time.


Background Music

Background music can be used to create appropriate atmospheres in a retail or an office setting. It can also be used to cover up distracting noise in nearby offices.

Audio Visual/Conference Systems

Conference systems are essential for communication with your internal organization and offsite clients. We can supply audio visual systems to keep you connected in today's global business environment.

Patient Wandering System

We can help you keep track of people who may participate in unsupervised departures, wanderers in nursing homes, infant abduction or detox hospital patients.

Sound Masking

The main characteristic of sound masking is that it has a low background noise. This noise is generated for the purpose of creating a privacy buffer for conversations. The constant background noise allows people to have conversations in close proximity to others without being overheard.

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